Dennis J. Schmidt
St. Augustine Center 170
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Post-Kantian Continental Philosophy
Greek Philosophy
Literary Criticism
Philosophy of Art

Dennis Schmidt, 1994; B.A., 1974, Bucknell University; M.A. 1976, Boston College; Ph.D., 1980 Boston College; Professor

Honors: Honorary Degrees1995 University Faculty Research Award

1993 PDQWL Award

1988 University Research Semester Award

1987 University Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (SUNY)

1987 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching (New York State)

1987 SUNY Faculty Summer Research Grant

1987 Experienced Faculty Travel Grant

1985 New Faculty Development Award

1984 SUNY Faculty Summer Research Grant

1984 Phi Beta Kappa, Bucknell University

1978 Fulbright-Hays Full Fellowship, Universit„t Freiburg

1978 University Dissertation Award, Boston College

Other positions held: (Editor....; Director.....: publisher......:Holds office in......: SERIES EDITOR: "Contemporary Continental Philosophy" (SUNY Press)



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